Fist House / Helen White

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dancing girl press, 2014

Helen White grew up in Britain and has lived in Belgium since 2000. Her visual poetry has been exhibited in several countries, and published in Foursquare, Drunken Boat, Otoliths, B after C, Trickhouse and The Volta as well as the anthologies Zieteratuur, A Global Visuage and Last Vispo.

She has been a member of the Krikri polypoetry collective in Belgium and Juxtavoices Antichoir in the UK. She has recently begun to add elements of performance, audio and film to her work, and contributed an audio piece to the collaborative project Local Colour: Ghosts, Variations (In Edit Mode, Malmö, 2012). Her house is a lot friendlier than you might think.


witch liked pretty things. witch liked things like glass light and glitter fish. she didn't like doors. i didn't like her. i skinned her space, i ditched her glitter, i found her doors all stacked up in the cellar. she swam in my stairwell. she scraped her name on the walls then called me a liar. there’s a room in my house that’s white enough to rewrite. repaper words and you'll hide a hole. i bare my words and a gasp of dark fishes slip through the hole in the door.