Floor Baby / Ally Harris

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 Ally Harris' poems have appeared in 751, DIAGRAM, elimae, LIT, NOÖ Journal, Sixth Finch, Poor Claudia, and WE ARE CHAMPION. She holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop and lives in Portland, OR.


I told you I am a lazy masturbator
I fall asleep in the tub
I have cracked open
The tree a river of numbers
To make sense of my
Own resistance, mathematics
For the proficiency of life
In the history of a face
a certain typography
A letter is sexual
right in the agony
of a face a letter
is sexual. A girl
named Bunny Bonnie Bootsie, agony. The sky
agony, a ride
in the back of a pickup truck
with Manolo from the first floor,
a first for the backwoods
of the self with Sarah
in the bushes puking
Sarah, I’m sorry, thanks
for the well wishes
thanks with your head in the flowers