Fool's Gold | Kira Frederick

$ 7.00

Kira Frederick was born in Southern California and raised in South Florida.  She holds an MFA in Poetry from Florida Atlantic University and an MLS in Library Science from the University of South Florida.  She lives in Northern Nevada with her three dogs and husband.  Her work has appeared in Redivider, Coastlines, and Anemone Sidecar.  This is her first chapbook.   





When I was a child
not even the owls
would eat me. So

I waited until my
hair was threaded
to gold, my lips as

stained as beets.
Now the squirrels
and possums are kin

and the foxes are
devilish as licorice.
I used to think

I was impossible.
Now look at me—
forever floating,

clinging to a dandelion,

to the torn wing of
a dragonfly, the reedy

wrist of a prince.