Forms Most Marvelous | Devon Balwit

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 Devon Balwit  lives with her family in Portland, OR. She has five chapbooks out or forthcoming: How the Blessed Travel (Maverick Duck Press); Forms Most Marvelous (dancing girl press); In Front of the Elements (Grey Borders Books), Where You Were Going Never Was (Grey Borders Books); and The Bow Must Bear the Brunt (Red Flag Poetry). Her individual poems can be found in The Cincinnati Review, Sierra Nevada Review, The Stillwater Review, Red Earth Review, The Inflectionist, The Ekphrastic Review, Poets Reading the News, Rattle, and more.


always wanting

the dog pukes up the mango I feed him / feed him with my own hands /  wolfing down the sweet / the sweetly indigestible / as I do / always
wanting never thinking / thinking what shall I do with desire? / can
brittle ribs cage its sun globe / make it / make it mine? / like the dog
nosing between the legs of strangers / in their plates / scrounging
scraps / scrapping for what he can find / the dog hangs / hangs his head / sad for the mess / as I am / always sad / after the fact / instinct pulling irresistibly fierce / fiercely compelling / the next ill-advised mouthful.