Fried Fish and Breast Milk / Nicole Borello

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2013



 Nicole Borello’s first full-length book of poetry, So What If I Bleed, was a finalist in both the International Book Awards and USA Book News “Best Books” Award. Her work has appeared in Thick With Conviction and Decompression. Her poem “Skinny in the Real World,” was nominated for Best of the Net. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


San Francisco, with her lack of good dressmakers,
knows how to drape a woman’s figure. On Kearney
and Montgomery, these women with breasts veiled and plump,
collect men in the folds of their parasols and keep
them there until tossed to the floor like a hand-sewn corset.
Beaten rouge and lines of slanted age rest in their piano key faces.
Hair—washed, combed, pulled, wrapped. Hips and waist—
indented and itching from years of cinching now
have pads of bloom. Men shove their way into
the mouths of these women thick with whalebone.