Game | Rachel J. Bennett

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Rachel J. Bennett is the author of On Rand McNally's World, from dancing girl press. Her poems are included in the Brooklyn Poets Anthology, from Brooklyn Arts Press, and Pith: Year One, from Kin Press. Recent poems appear in Big Lucks, Bodega, LEVELER, Rattle, Salt Hill Journal, Sixth Finch, and Vinyl Poetry. She grew up on the Illinois-Iowa border and lives in New York City. Find more at



For the Programmer


I didn’t become myself

until you


it’s true the lens

was cracked

also how the war was

never mentioned


we wanted everyone


to love us because

we didn’t

love anyone

as much as we said


I wrote an opera

called the horizon

variations to win

you and if I foundered

it’s because

you weren’t

the sea


the force field wasn’t

your careful

breaks nor countless

fruits (the ones

I now call

apples) but

the thing I’ll

never say again


which I wrote down

as your name


on the screen with

all the high scores