Girl Escaping With Sky / Charity Gingerich

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dancing girl press, 2014

Charity Gingerich is originally from NE Ohio, where she did her undergraduate work at Kent State University. She just completed her MFA in poetry at West Virginia University, where she also taught English composition and creative writing. Gingerich’s essay “Of the Meadow,” published in Ruminate Magazine in December, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.



I’m Not That Kind of Fearful


We followed loose rocks and moss to the stream bed

looking for the raccoon tree, finding an ‘ostrich’ tree instead,

with a burl so big its spine curved as if in running pose.

Isn’t love about forgetting all else for its sake?

Let’s paint, I said, meaning winter,

as in, let’s fortify ourselves with landscape;

how nearly landscape spells escape seems no accident.

I like light on my trees, I said, as the forest thickened.

The difficulty in life is about finding the right light:

a tree is a pilgrim is a bear is a fire is an outstretched hand.

Oh, hello sunset: let’s experiment,

see if we can find the right shade for our sky.