Girls Love Ponies | Satarah Wheeler

$ 7.00

Satarah Wheeler is a poet and professional makeup artist from Branson, Missouri. Her work can be found in Word Riot, Midwestern Gothic, Cave Region Review, and other places. Girls Love Ponies ​(dancing girl press, 2016) is her first chapbook.​




Sea Exposure


It’s a thin water

no teacup, saucer,

which ruins cars,

siding, door & window



the thing & things that

contain(s) the hu-



Swallows, both bird

& action, can inter-

act with the process—


which is to say, a swallow

can birdbath & a swallow

can press down on a button

of lifelong addiction—


which is to say ruins

the thing & things that

contain(s) the hu-



drag it out, frozen, onto

the roof of the world,

but the water

will eventually

decode any obstacle.