Girls Mistaken for Ghosts | Colleen Coyne

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Colleen Coyne lives in Massachusetts, where she teaches writing at Framingham State University. Her work appears in DIAGRAM, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Boxcar Poetry Review, Tupelo Quarterly, and elsewhere. She has been awarded residencies at Willapa Bay AiR, the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center, SAFTA’s Firefly Farms, and the Anderson Center. Colleen is also part of the editorial team at Tinderbox Editions. Find out more at





The staple of mornings, morgues, and aprons.

Farthest star divining hopscotch, eking out hosts.

Her late, verdant appendages didn’t wane,

nor her girlish pluckings, gaggled and tossed,

like reeds in the fisherman’s torn, red nets.