Grammar Rulse | Daviel Shy

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Daviel Shy has written and directed nine short films. Her writing has been published by Taylor & Francis (UK) and The University of Chicago Press. The Ladies Almanack, her first feature film, will premiere later this year.  She founded the monthly screening series L.M.N.O.P: Lesbian Movie Night Ongoing Project, running continuously since 2011. She is  based in Los Angeles.



From Morton Salt to Domino Sugar,

Pain is not a currency that can be traded Dom. You dangle the bait but I, as you’ve exceedingly pointed out, will not bite. Perhaps I was seeking something in reaching out to you, and yes I will firmly and again claim the pleasure of the text.

I know you like to hold me as the pitiful puritan, a position I refuse to contest or defend, but I wrote you and I write you, because of the way we play. Have I lost rights to that? If you can honestly say you do not enjoy it, the game only we can build, then I will quit the pages altogether. I am not so plain and you are not so mean as that.

-Morton Salt