GRANATA | Kristy Bowen (signed)

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dancing girl press & studio, 2023
text & images
68 pages

This lush and sensuous modern retelling of the Persephone myth juxtaposes her journey to the underworld with that of the girls who were transformed into winged monsters in the wake of her abduction.



Kristy Bowen is a writer and book artist based in Chicago. She divides her time writing poems & essays, making books & art, and creating lifestyle & culture content for various websites and publications. She blogs about writing, art, and other miscellany at DULCETLY: NOTES ON A BOOKISH LIFE. Raised in the wilds of northern Illinois, she lives in a beautiful, but drafty, art deco building near the lake with her cats, her love, too many books, and a vast collection of thrifted finds—only some of which are haunted . She is the author of a number of chapbooks, zines and artists books. Previous collections include COLLAPSOLOGIES and AUTOMAGIC. Visit: