Here Comes Hell | Allie Marini

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Allie Marini is a cross-genre writer, with degrees that don't matter and some chapbooks you can find online. In addition to her work on the page, Allie was a member of Oakland’s 2017 National Slam Team. A native Floridian now freezing to death in the Bay Area, Allie writes poetry, fiction, and essays. Find her online: or @kiddeternity


natural disasters

like mudslides & flash floods, or phantom lightening, tornadoes:
forces of barometric pressure, plate tectonics, the science of the earth.
you are mine, a thunderclap to warn, three seconds to impact.
a physical disunity cannot disarm the chemistry of atoms splitting, or wind bands,
harmonics of disquieting frequency.
you sound like a freight train, bearing down,
more solid than water or air, but no less striking than electricity shot from the sky.