Housewifery / Colleen Abel

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2013

 Colleen Abel is a former Diane Middlebrook Poetry Fellow at UW-Madison’s Institute for Creative Writing. Her work has appeared in numerous journals, including The Southern Review, West Branch, Notre Dame Review, Mid-American Review, Rhino, Cimarron Review, The Journal, The Pinch and others. She is Poetry Editor at cream city review in Milwaukee.


Forget what you’ve heard:
I tumbled after no one.

That was a calculated leap
into the space before voices

droned like fighter jets
against a sky so blue it pained me.

I caught the rabbit—they got that
wrong, too—caught him in my hands

and shocked my tender fingers
with the spark of his terrified pulse.

Yes, I held him, I held him and I let him go,
then stepped into the dark, blowing grass

into the blooming world.