I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve | Andrea Quinlan

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Andrea Quinlan is a writer and performer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Her previous chapbooks are We Speak Girl (Dancing Girl Press, 2012) and The Mysteries of Laura (Birds of Lace, 2013). She has had poetry published in various journals and zines including Brief, Wicked Alice, HAG, Finery, Poems in Which, Queen Mob's Teahouse and the Best Friends Forever anthology (The Emma Press, 2014).



Many women in one 

About halfway through the show
I realized my role was
the madwoman in the attic
I realized my role was
the hysterical wannabe heroine
the heroine who is busy acting out the anti-heroine
but when she finds out she's not the heroine
she throws a glove at someone
oh to be such a bit player