In the process of being heard, / jillian mukavetz

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jillian mukavetz is poet photographer musician founder and editor of womens quarterly conversation. her poems and photography have appeared in verse, coconut poetry, ping pong, and ditch, among other publications. cinepoems have been featured at film festivals in big sur, denver, and bangkok. she plays the fiddle. her chap book, say kitty, kitty is out from Dancing Girl Press. jillian has taught english in south korea and thailand and currently lives and teaches in munich, germany. 



how fast


we sit on the steps of a cathedral


: she hasn’t seen the sun in twelve years, the gold you give red

: everyone’s worried about towels


: she is not trained to sleep in late

: calculus drippy stars


: I deserve a thin door

:: also true she is cutting the startling blue fabric of her dress