In the Songbird Laboratory / Lauren Eggert-Crowe

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2013

 Lauren Eggert-Crowe's writing has been published in Salon, The Rumpus, DIAGRAM, Sixth Finch, and Interrupture, among others. Her second poetry chapbook, The Exhibit, is forthcoming from Hyacinth Girl Press. She studied poetry at The University of Arizona and currently lives in Los Angeles.


Wings make an orange hinge: speck for speck,
all eyes and teeth,

a tube body: An origami line for red paper hearts
valentines delivered to the dogbanes and crown vetch

that surround the field full of guns:
Has your eye ever met barrel?

The aching gaze crowning a black o.
A nexus. A genesis. A birth canal.

You see spirals.

The way a bomb pirouettes on its radius,
the way it blooms.