In the Yellowed House / Janeen Pergrin Rastall

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dancing girl press, 2014

Janeen Rastall lives in Gordon, MI (population 2). Her poetry has appeared in several publications including: The Raleigh Review, Dunes Review, Prime Number Magazine, Referential Magazine, Heron Tree and The Michigan Poet. Wayne State University Press nominated her poems in The Way North, Collected Upper Peninsula New Works for a Pushcart Prize. She is a member of the Marquette Poets Circle and is the Poetry Society of Michigan Upper Peninsula Liaison.

The Undercurrent

not the sound of tires rushing through the slush
or steam racing the radiators,
not the song of the broom across porch planks,
the rub of two rocks as you try for a spark,
not the sigh of the late-leafed beech trees,
or the brush of your grandmother’s slippers,
the tips of her robe as she climbs the stairs,
not her “Shush” when she shuts the door,
in the quiet, what croons to you,
what resonates
is water pressing rock,
waves striking sand.