Incongruent: Someday / Carrie Hohmann

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dancing girl press, 2014

Here's a current bio:

Carrie Hohmann's work can be found in Forklift, Ohio; H_NGM_N; Sixth Finch among others. She attended Allegheny College and New York University. Carrie lives in western Pennsylvania with her husband and pets on 10 acres. She teaches at Edinboro University and when she is not answering panicked student emails she is probably making chocolate chip cookies or awkwardly throwing a frisbee for her dog.


there shouldn’t be exceptions to rules never written:
what is left turns to smoke or piano reverb:
something unlike anxiety remains which disturbs
the hats on the shelf: my heart is growing bulbous
and incongruent: someday we’ll all look back at this
and erase the worst of it: I am thinking of a bridge
that is metallic and one-lane and leads to a mountainside
of frozen rock: recalculate that paragraph under your tongue
since you’ve forgotten key phrases: I have made you
a barcode now sleep on it: what happened between asteroids
and telephone booths is more than space: I won’t ask you to act
your age, it would seem inappropriate: this time I will be sure
to keep these brown eyes in a place opposite of Bermuda