It's Alright to be Seen | Laura Brun

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Laura Brun is a poet from small-town Kentucky who lives and writes in Pittsburgh. She works at the Carnegie Museums and instagrams at laurabrrrrun. Her work is found or forthcoming in Lambda Literary’s Poetry Spotlight, Jellyfish Magazine, Bodega, and others. You can find out more about her at

today i am a laurel crown and spandex. still,

it’ll keep happening. if
your body’s in the way

of your being taken
seriously, why not

your clothes? why be
efficient? to the old

man with the waxed
mustache who’s arm’s
around you, you’re a

glittering christmas goose
regardless. patting your

hip, he’s saying good
girl, good as if you know

him or haven’t met
fifteen of him before.