James / Cate Peebles

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dancing girl press, 2014

 Cate Peebles is the author of three chapbooks: Taco Truck to Awesometown (2008), 9 Poems (Eye For an Iris Press, 2013), and James. Her work has previously appeared in the Boston Review, Lit, Tin House, Octopus, and elsewhere, and is soon to appear in Denver Quarterly and Handsome. She co-edits the online magazine Fou and lives in Brooklyn.

Laws of Circuitry

One wire wraps
slips through

socket: conduction
is: Yes father/
No father—

Get mother
her eggs.
What’s to say

in a whiteout
about anyone else’s life?
Hairpin left on Hennepin

at night
he’s learning
Volt V to volt E

Daylight is
for brushes
door to door

offering to shovel the walk
for nickels or soup
neighbors say:

come in, sit.
Their lights

are dead
there’s no penny
for brushes.