John Swenson Dynamicron | Andy Young

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Andy Young is the author of four chapbooks and a full-length poetry collection, All Night It Is Morning (Diálogos Press, 2014). She teaches at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. Her work has recently appeared, or is forthcoming, in Prairie Schooner, the Southern Review, and Ecotone, and was recently recognized as a winner of Southern Humanities Review's Auburn Witness Poetry Award.


Society for the Preservation of John Swenson

John Swenson and the Pilates 100. John Swenson and the yoga breath. In-2-3-4 hold hold Out-2-3-4-5. John Swenson snacks in flaxseed oil. John Swenson bone snacks. John Swenson traveling on the highway sticking out his thumb, John Swenson’s hair out the window in the red sun. John Swenson last of the Cairo Betas. John Swenson on an official Pez head in the presidential Pez head collection Yoda Pez emoji pez Swinson Swenson Swenson Sweninsky Sweninsky at Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring the audience fleeing Swenson Sweenson Sweinson Swanson Swenson—It’s John Swenson! Pull yourself together! operatic Swenson Swenson awoo se mao John Swenson’s brother Crazy Columbus all John Swenson’s brothers are John Swenson except Crazy Columbus brother from another mother crème anglaise, ranconteur John Swenson Doodah Doodah John Swenson hates the sound of your crinkly plastic cup