Kara Dorris / Elective Affinities

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In 2009, Kara Dorris graduated from New Mexico State University with an MFA in creative writing poetry. Her work has appeared in The Tusculum Review, Stirring, ListenLight, Not Just Air, Wicked Alice, Prick of the Spindle, Parcel, and Skidrow Penthouse among others literary journals.

On Transmogrification

Stars to falling, night to dawn, hawk to woman, wolf to man, girl to minx, tiger to husband, lion to bear to dead & gone. Dead to alive & back again. Tree to woman, woman to tree to swan to daughter. To capture a frog for eternity is nothing—to capture a prince that turns into & out of a frog at night is to change everything of love & hate daily. To share his bed. Uncover his secret. To melon out seeds with fingers. To adulterer away every night. To REM during daytime naps & luncheons. Choose the right shape. Think wings & doves & white things. Or red. Not blue. Don’t blend to sky. Know the sun changes & the moon hides & the predawn hours chain the in between free & not.