Kisses Over Babylon | Jill A. Mceldowney

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Jill Mceldowney is an MFA candidate at Western Michigan University. Previous work has appeared in Corium, Ghost Town, Foothill, and Vinyl.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



the first boy I fucked was prison yard pretty,
took me down for the camera mid Crucifixion —
strawberry & formaldehyde all ironish blood
every sin feels the same in the dark—

right there.
right there.

let it be known: I took a Man & made Him God
the Father, Son, Holy Ghost
armed with a videophone, lie me so lush—

“Do you like that, like that?”

first bodies teach you to tell fortunes &
you used to be God’s favorite, a quiet thing,
you disguised yourself as shelter
turned me over in my sleep,
divined me in filth music & a blood duty.

I am discarded
when the phone rings.

overnight he is famous.