lièvre – a book of hares | Susanne Eules

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Susanne Eules is an interdisciplinary artist, poetry/music performer and author of two German books of poetry: der kønig.innen hasen hůten (herding the queens' hares), edition art science, Austria, 2016 and ůbern růckn des atlantiks/den rand des nachmittags (across the ridge of the atlantic/the edge of the afternoon), fixpoetry, Germany, 2012. Currently, she cooperates with Camilla Nelson from Singing Apple Press, a small, Wiltshire (Great Britain) - based press on the project birchen. Susanne has published in literary venues in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the USA (A Bad Penny Review, A Narrative Map, Fence, Gazing Grain Press, Glossen, Florida English, among other publications). For her poetry and prose, she has received various grants, literary awards and residencies in Germany, Austria and in the US. She lives in Florida.




cuddle puddle

time for the snow hare to get ready : all starts
with the rime then moves on to the oxymoron
of black ice until finally fall sets in & raggedy
sleeping mountainous animals appear early in
their dressing gown with an ode of snow & flakes
blooming on their trees so the lepus turns timidus
comes out of the closet puts on its white pelage
making fun of its cousin the nordic snow hare wear
ing its fur all year round because of its neurotic
assumption of not only needing constant cover
[lepus timidus timidus] but also fearing low blood
circulation & heat loss thence not only retracting
its ears for which the scaredy hare needs to be
reminded of but also due to its idiosyncratic social
behavior of nonverbal communication to support
comfort & console each other : driving it to either
group experience or a one on one analog by spoon
ing the buddy : thanks to the absence of swarming
media attention during ice storms it slowly evolved
into a form of human acquisition a phenomenon
sprung up not only in new york but everywhere