Like a teardrop and a bullet | Rachel Mindell

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Rachel Mindell directs the Montana Book Festival. She is a poet and teacher, originally from Tucson, Arizona. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in DIAGRAM, Bombay Gin, Pool, BOAAT, Horse Less Review, inter|rupture, and elsewhere. She holds an MA in English and an MFA in Poetry from the University of Montana.

Dear attention span,


we were standing
around the fire
but you sat
on the dirt

and wouldn’t
stop texting.
I wonder,

My skull’s
nets a loose
cage and
your binds
are blinding.
C’mon then
let’s get down
on real brass,
pull time’s belly
back and grip
for spine.

Let’s sink
down in this
forever dirt,
really dig in
our dying
heels. Here
are my hands,
here my hiding.
I hunker

then shine
high breams.
I douse you
in all the
nothing I’ve
saved up. At
some point
the road starts
heading only
downhill and
some folks
dig that.