lirio / Edward Smallfield and Valerie Coulton

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dancing girl press, 2013

Valerie Coulton is the author of open book, The Cellar Dreamer, passing world pictures, and the lily book. Her poems have appeared in the EtherDome Anthology As if it Fell from the Sun, and many journals and websites, including Front Porch, kadar koli, New American Writing, 26, Parthenon West Review, Barcelona INK and e-poema. She lives in Barcelona with her husband, the poet Edward Smallfield.

Edward Smallfield is the author of The Pleasures of C, One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (a book-length collaboration with Doug MacPherson), equinox, and locate, a chapbook collaboration with Miriam Pirone published by Dancing Girl Press. His poems have appeared in alice blue, Barcelona INK, bird dog,, New American Writing, Five Fingers Review, Páginas Rojas, Parthenon West Review, 26, Wicked Alice, and many other magazines and websites. He lives in Barcelona with his wife, the poet Valerie Coulton.