Mad World Colored Oil | Mary Donnelly

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Mary Donnelly is a Brooklyn-based poet, educator, and video producer. Her work has appeared in The Brooklyn RailHunger MountainThe Iowa ReviewIndiana ReviewPrairie SchoonerThe Literary Review, and The Yale Review, among others. She teaches through Gotham Writers Workshop and in the low-residency MFA program in Interdisciplinary Arts at Sierra Nevada College, and is an editor for DMQ ReviewMad World Colored Oil is her first chapbook.




And as the painting has an inside
and an outside, so the world,
and as the world, so the painting.

Gray in the back when folded,
or open and saturated with light,
or some of both when folded in part,

as the world is both dark and in color.
As the world is both folding
and unfolding itself in time

like a song, literal or metaphoric.
The song of an obsequious clock
keeping time by its tyrannical moon.