ManWorld / Emily Brandt

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 dancing girl press, 2014


Emily Brandt is a Brooklyn-based poet, teacher, and co-founding editor of No, Dear. She received her MFA from New York University, where she facilitated the Veterans Writing Workshop. She’s been in residence at Saltonstall and Elsewhere. Emily does what she can to help out VIDA. She’s a Leo hitched to a Pisces.

A MAN’S WORLD is Not Just a Saying

Maybe there is nothing to be afraid of. A tiny drink
might do the trick but everywhere I go I'm in a building
and every building was made by man,
even the sidewalk, even the view. My room

would be different if I could. There'd be no corners
and a lot more light. Less wall more cloth.
I saw someone knit a kitchen once. It still looked
like a man. The fire belongs in the middle, and everyone

gathers around, plates full and knives sharp.
The buildings are so tall they hurt. Woman
didn't build the London Bridge that she made fall
a thousand times. When I ask Siri where I can

get an abortion, he tells me there are no abortion clinics
in New York City, and disguises his voice as a lady.
But when I ask Siri where to get my cock sucked, she lists
escort services I never knew existed in my house.

Batter my heart, Siri. I never saw a man swoon
so hard as for your trinkets. I'd like to be a programmer
and create the next world. First off, there'd be animals
everywhere, nonhuman. And we would call them dear

and hold hands a little in the evenings and never ever
suck their milk or swipe their eggs. Just lay back
and look at nudey mags of The Farmer in the Dell.
No, none of that. Just light a fire.