Marlboro Red | Aurora Luz

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 Aurora Luz is a poet and student living in Omaha, Nebraska. She spent time in her undergraduate work in the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Writer’s Workshop, and is currently pursing a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work. She explores themes of rural Nebraska, religion, family trauma, and cultivating identity through a confessional lens.


Drought Season

has a sound; buzzes
like the neon bar sign
across from the coop.
Everything else is

Except for the weather report
repeating in kitchens
turning dinners, suppers,
lunches, breakfasts cataleptic.

Our men get even more
quiet; shake their heads
slow and make circles in
the dust until dark. When
they come home, they
plow rows and rows and
rows until our fields are
sapped, too.

Each night we practice
promises we can’t keep.