Men & Beasts | C.A. LaRue

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C.A. LaRue is a writer/artist working out of New Orleans. She studied creative writing at Hollins University and holds a B.S. from the University of New Orleans. She is a registered member of the Tlingit Nation of Alaska (Raven Yéil moiety, Seagull T'akdeintaan clan), but also has Irish and Cherokee roots. Men& Beasts draws heavily on an NDN (Native American) perspective and is centered around natural, political and personal landscapes.

Find her at or on twitter @bonesparkblog.



You are all legs—towering
above my little Fox
like a giant, disgusted

or a furry melon with a bony crown
reaching for a sky that
I can’t see for your fury

may my prayers rise above
your steaming nostrils

may we not go down this path of
broken bodies and screaming calves

may we remember instead the precious
mouths we both have to feed

and move on