No More in Darkness: Routes to Alexandra David-Neel | Corinne Elysse Adams

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Corinne Elysse Adams is a storycollector, writer, editor, folk musician, and teacher. She holds a BA from Sophia University in Tokyo and an MSc in poetry from the University of Edinburgh. Her poetry has appeared in literary magazines such as Confrontation and the Asia Literary Review, and as the libretto for Tony Solitro's composition No More in Darkness: Meditations on the Life of Alexandra David-Neel.  Together with her creative partner, Shivani Gupta, she created and continues to work on the multimedia storytelling project thread whispers ( She also co-founded and edits the Port Townsend based literary journal the Sextant Review at When not assaulting the keys of her typewriter, she plays Irish fiddle, studies Japanese folk singing, performs with traditional music projects, and grows food in her garden on the Olympic Peninsula.




The white teeth of the fence cannot keep you in,
cannot swallow you in another convulsive fight
dark throated halls of the house you loathe—
Picket. Take a stand. Jump the dull incisors
and heave your torn skirt towards freedom.
Towards the singing. Do it again and again.
Do you know what is waiting for you?
You are going home.