No One Lives Here / Mollie Wells

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dancing girl press, 2013

Mollie Wells is a writer, editor and musician from Columbus, Ohio. She’s a regular contributor to BUST Magazine and the Mishka Bloglin. Find her at .

Assassin Beach

Tastes like hot pink -- the clink of jade in oil can.

What I’m seeing when I’m not seeing good: anaconda
seaweed, slurping up the U-boats.

Assassin beach -- uneven tans. Black on sticky cream.

Goes like this: they cat-slink off the dock, all leg, into my leg,
crawling ricey bullets up the calf. How can you not feel that?

The chunkiness -- must be a spoon -- military issue -- to stir
a clot. Pour it over toast back on the boat, with friends. They

made the jade go pile itself -- I swear it -- into strawberry milk.