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 Nora Almeida lives in Brooklyn with her two cats, Whitman and Goose. her poems have recently appeared in Phoebe, Tight, and Other Rooms. she has also managed to grow a thriving Habanero pepper plant in her bedroom window which yields peppers so spicy that they are almost inedible.


It is safe to think
it is safe underneath the monetary
realm there is another realm
which is also monetary
this much is the elm tree fading
from view this little
portion of the country has no
stop signs but when you
are too tired you can pull over
and I’ll drive for awhile
you can keep the flower
in the book to preserve it
or hang it upside down
and when the color leaks out
like the sky-line
is not colorless when it resembles
our skin in the small circle
of light from the dying flashlight
I learned that the eyes narrow
towards the central beam
the house is constructed
in the dark the eyes widen the house
is the unbroken pattern of light extending
before our eyes adjust
the room is infinite