Noun'd / Katrin Talbot

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dancing girl press, 2014

 Katrin Talbot is the author of St. Cecilia’s Daze (Parallel Press, 2010), Winterreise: a winter journey in poetry, image and song (University of Wisconsin Press, 2003). Talbot is a concert violist and performs with the Madison Symphony Orchestra.


…had the fish hook out
this dreary morning--
lept off the dictionary page,
away from all stunning associations
with judges and Masses
in the middle of
a succulent column

and into my head
where it didn't fit,
buzzed around
all through
the coffee grinding,
the cat’s gravelly purr,
the somber stillness of the pines outside
so I picked up a fuchsia
Tinkerbell pencil to
address its demands

But I had to be honest;
contrary to its reputation,
'Ordinary' is not intrinsically
comforting to me--
more often than not,
I crave ‘Extra-‘