Ode 2 Codes and Codfish / Eva Schlesinger

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dancing girl press, 2013

 Eva Schlesinger is the author of the chapbooks, View From My Banilla Vanilla Villa (dancing girl press, 2010) and Remembering the Walker and Wheelchair: poems of grief and healing (Finishing Line Press, 2008). Her credits also include the Literal Latte Food Verse Award, Cricket Magazine, and California Quarterly. Eva lives in a banilla vanilla villa in Berkeley, California, where she reads voraciously, draws whimsical animals, plays magical flute melodies, and writes.

Ode 2 Codes & Codfish

She runs
She rides a horse till she’s hoarse
She wrecks hexes
She finds lemon rinds
Dines on lemon wedges lime
She’s a bimbo in limbo in the limelight
The bim bim bap bim bim bap co-op
She vacates vacant looks in the vacant lot
Vacated by vacation-goers
She’s on the merry-go-round with Merry’s dairy-free canary
Squawking up a storm
With Norm who sets the norm
In dorm rooms
She chews her cud on Cape Cod
Cracking codes to cod
Fishing for truth by truckloads
She adds lads on ladders and sea adders
She sees snakes with adding machines
The count they count on is not accounted for