One Simple Step to Keeping a Clean Gun / Jessica Ankeny

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dancing girl press, 2013

 Jessica Ankeny's poems can be found in Menacing Hedge, Spillway, Relief Journal, LIES/ISLE and elsewhere. She is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and currently lives in Brooklyn with her cat, Joni Mitchell.

The Trick to Pretending You Are Not Writing to an Audience

It must be boiled. The alternative
is burying outside or in a terrarium
with beetles but the possibility
of damage is higher and therefore
boiling is recommended. Regardless,
don’t merely clean or the marrow
may rot and cause
an unpleasant odor. Pieces
of flesh and nasal cavity
will rise to the surface while
boiling, this is normal. After two
hours remove from water and use
needle-nose pliers to pull extra
muscle and brain out.
Soak in hydrogen peroxide.
After bleaching is complete
mount to wood and hang.