Orthorexia / Kristin Sanders

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Kristin Sanders is a native of Santa Maria, California. She currently teaches in the English department at Loyola University, New Orleans. She received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Louisiana State University, where she worked as the book review coordinator for The Southern Review. Her poetry, book reviews, and cross-genre work have appeared or are forthcoming in various online and print journals, including Octopus Magazine, elimae, Strange Machine, Tarpaulin Sky, and HTMLGIANT.



In the little space there is a tree. In the little space there is a road. Let me talk about my desire now. That it is not an emptiness it is not a lack. That it is different masks I want to put on, different things I want to do to you and to have done to me and to you. And to me. Then to you again. In the little space there is an ocean, in the ocean there is a road, on the road are many words that I cannot say out loud. Yet. Can you teach me.

Let me ask you a few questions: How do you like it? Do you ever feel ashamed? Why is it not always good? Why can’t I come with another person in the room?

What I am looking for is the person who will touch me in all the right ways say yes to everything I want to do never make me feel dirty for wanting.

Touch me.

Please, if you think you are that person, go fuck yourself. That person does not exist.