Outside of A Dog / Karla Huston

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dancing girl press, 2013

 dancing girl press, 2013

 Karla Huston lives and writes in Appleton, Wisconsin.

My Imaginary Husband

He shakes and high-fives
like he’s one of the boys. He sits
when asked and waits for me to decide
which shoes to wear before our walk.
Last week, he let me lean into him
while I squatted and peed in the woods.
He’s strong, too, knows when to listen,
stays while I hug him, lay my cheek
on his curly chest. He lets me
whisper in his ear, doesn’t tell me
I’m getting a little wide in the beam
or fluffy around the neck and chin.
He doesn’t mind what I make for dinner
as long as I share. He likes chips and salsa
as much as bacon or kibble. Best of all,
he lets me rage and rant until I’m spent.
His ears catch every nuance in my voice.
Then he comes to me, plops down
and waits till I invite him to bed.