Overtures of Survival | Cindy Savett

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Cindy Savett lives on the outskirts of Philadelphia. She is the author of two full length collections, Child in the Road (2007) and The Breath (2021). When she is not writing, Cindy leads poetry groups to inpatients in psychiatric hospitals. 



Dirt girl seeps through my cracked kitchen wall out of
her spoiled scent.

I fret over her urgent hands, shield each
brick she aches to depose.

Altering her seeds to warp my memory she re-invents
her infant years, circles my kitchen table

that crouches with bread for
my halting mouth. Used-to-be girl wears

damaged skin, demands
surrender of my vague tilted lap.

She races to rule. With one turn
I loosen her knotted string from my chest
and drift and drift and drift…