Pinkification | Jayme Russell

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Jayme Russell is the author of the forthcoming chapbook PINKpoems (Adjunct Press, 2017). Her writing can be found in Black Warrior Review,Diagram, Fairy Tale Review, and elsewhere. She received her M.A. in Poetry from Ohio University and her MFA in Poetry from The University of Notre Dame.


PINK is Delicious

all gummed up on plastic flesh thighs
sticky fingers on bare skin sliding
down to crack the knees bent sounds
broken a Body without bones fake skin
no moaning from your mouth no bruises
behind dark glasses PINK is the color for us
not them and not him the only color is PINK
so raw and so skinny so smooth and so Barbie
it makes real skin seem rough and ugly let’s
PINK up this world let’s set the PINK fire burning
in the heart of the young girls who will touch
their thighs together moan until the gap
grows wider in their hearts feel PINK they love
PINK they want to get married in PINK surrounded
by PINK roses and PINK music will be heard down
the PINK aisle she walks to the future who cares
who meets her there all is safe and welcoming
and iced in thick PINK plastic sugar

(she’s just all barbed because she’s got nothing hemmed in)