Popular Piety | Carla Conforto

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Carla Conforto earned her MFA from Penn State University. She also attended Annunciation B.V.M, St. Raymond’s, and Wildwood Catholic High School.  Her text Popular Piety, documents and joins the separations between superstition/ faith, private/public worship, and the sacred/profane, drawing attention to these gestures of spiritual consciousness and devotion that are present within our popular culture.  She lives in Bellingham, WA with her husband, the poet Jeffrey Morgan, and their daughter Stella. She has been published in Court Green, Fourth Genre, The Columbia Poetry Review and other places.  She can be reached through Dancing Girl Press.


Madonna of the Street

a delicate mess of pins and needles, pink
satin bow slanders a tiny waist
she said, “Research is the way
to avoid God,” and choked
dried marigolds till her hands cried
yellow orange.
                 Seduced behind velvet curtains, still,
things had to get done. The sacrament commenced
the sameness of things: an angel
gave no sign. You are faithful
even to a little god born in shit.
She swallowed the waxy child.
A currency exchange without dialogue exists. Where?
She spread her legs like wings, and hallelujah!
God in his sanctuary.