Resurrection Refrains / Emily Carr

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dancing girl press, 2013

 Emily Carr is passionate about artist books, Mary Ruefle’s essay “On Fear,” the rediscovery of Mississippi poet besmilr brigham, the sexual politics of meat, the limits of Achilles’ honesty & the problem of Chaucer’s spring, unposted love letters, cannibal chickens & a ship too late to save the drowning witch. Last summer, while Writer-In-Residence at Camac Centre d’Art, Emily composed Straight No Chaser, an artist book that experiments with “the poetry of fear.” Materials include a seafoam green Hermes 3000 typewriter, spray paint, scotch tape, a fold-out Athens city guide, & the insatiable appetite of Frieda, Camac Cat. Emily is the author of two books of poetry, directions for flying (Furniture Press 2010) & 13 Ways of Happily: Books 1 & 2 (Parlor Press 2011), three poetry chapbooks, a fiction chapbook, a Tarot novella, & a six-volume series of artist books. She lives online at

“Squaring The Circle”
the star

Hydrogen & oxygen fall through trees.
Fat clouds & strange lightbulbs.
Fish shaped like tattered stars. Iridescent bacteria in the sediment of letters.

Cumulus boil. Church bells come again in wet speech.
On a wooden deck over water.
Rilke’s angels dangle from her ears. In lip gloss, no bra Liberty looks at you through glamorous tangerine grief, the frame of a faithful world all that vellum & grassgreen eyes which poets love & blonde hair matted.

Whether she says there can be mountains without invasion.
Angel, she says within the eye of the marigold. She is reading the lives of the saints: dying men pierced by arrows & women staring at the white leopards of heaven as flames lick their breasts. She likes the ornately lettered names, the early paragraphs yawning with martyrs, waiting to be tempted.

Listen: everything is holy, & works.
Choice matters exactly as much as it doesn’t.

For that brief moment sight sinks to depths touch cannot fathom you will not question—

(Why? I dont know but you feel it happening.
There is no death like this except (if you remember it) your baptism