Rules of (dis)engagement, or Dubious PerFormances | Wendy Vardaman and Sarah Busse

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Sarah Sadie (Busse)’s poetry chapbook, Do-It-Yourself Paper Airplanes was published by Five Oaks Press in 2015 and a full-length collection, We Are Traveling Through Dark at Tremendous Speeds, is recently out from Lit Fest Press. She teaches at the Loft and the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, and hosts occasional retreats for writers and other creative types. With an MFA from Bennington and working towards her MDiv, she combines interests in embodied spirituality, creative endarkenment, the wisdom of the body and the power of art, seeking out makers, dreamers, and anyone interested in a good cup of coffee and conversation.

Wendy Vardaman (, @wendylvardaman) is the author of Reliquary of Debt (Lit Fest Press 2015) and Obstructed View (Fireweed Press 2009. A freelance editor, she has a PhD in English from the University of Pennsylvania, a BS in engineering from Cornell University, and recently returned to school to study graphic and web design as well as letterpress. She has three adult children and has never owned a car.

Together, Busse and Vardaman founded Cowfeather Projects (, served as Madison Poets Laureate (2012-2015), and co-edited Verse Wisconsin as well as the anthologies Echolocations, Poets Map Madison and Local Ground(s)—Midwest Poetics.




A brief introduction to the contents of this catalog


We regret that the artworks described in this catalog remain invisible on these Museum walls. Some of the artists referenced here need no introduction. Many are not so well known as they should be. Others exist insofar as we know only in the halls and galleries of our imaginations. However, in the spirit of the Surrealists who inspire us, and in league with the multiverses predicted by contemporary physics, we encourage you to imagine an alternative reality in which all the women here, and their art, are feted, celebrated, exhibited, and recognized for their remarkable contributions.

—The Curators