Sharked / Jessi Lee Narducci

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dancing girl press, 2014

Jessi Lee Narducci writes the blog Her work has appeared in Thought Catalog, Nailed Magazine, Pool Poetry, Another Chicago Magazine, Knee-Jerk, and other publications.

Seesaw in Broke and Blue

Oh you. Here you come
with I-put-the-choke-in-gorgeous.
I joke you—bad bushwhack attack.
Sock you: eyebrow, open mouthed
heartburn, gut shot, f-bomb.
We learn, oh, lust-lurch 101
duck pot shots, lunch on punch lines,
ha-ha-ha-ing our way up the frown
and slanging it slow and surly
before BANG, BANG, smack-
quickness, quarrel and bury
we pant in downslant, fury face
morale and murder me so, so good.