Spring and Stuff | Mary Helen Callier

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Mary Helen Callier grew up in Columbus, Georgia and received her BA in Art History and English from the University of Georgia. 



And yes it’s true:
somewhere there is
someone who
you let fuck or fluff
you up
like a little toy-bird
nonetheless moving
throwing cans into the back
seat saying just please
shut up and listen
to Hank.

And you’ll earn to keep your mouth shut
going hunting
when you fetch the dead
dove bodies
with those hands
on your hands
on their necks

Never once hear him fight with the mother
she just fed him every night with the dogs

And you love them both
no matter
in the way
you love the things you can’t
remember but know
you somehow lived

The car’s still moving
with you in it
busy trying hard to feel it
wanting it so bad
it dies