summer's too warm to share a bed | liz chereskin & sara peck

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Liz Chereskin's poems have appeared in Word for/Word, Yemassee, ILK, Whiskey Island, and elsewhere. Her chapbook, come with me to Des Moines was published by H_NGM_N in 2013 and manuscript, weather/report, was a semi-finalist in Sarabande's Kathryn A. Morton Prize.  She works for an animal advocacy organization in Chicago.   
Sara Peck is the author of a chapbook, Yr Lad, Bob (Persistent Editions, 2013), and fifty percent of a book, Here You Are (Horseless Press, 2015) with poet Jared Joseph. She is in Charleston, SC. 



Chicago – May 20th

can’t explain types of sheets / throw blanket
may seem weird right now but it’s light

& morning / a sweat
to hum up the AC before leaving

it’s so easy to forget / for it to flip
unfortunate electric magic / breaking

circuits & I apologize
all the time / sorry

in reality nothing / keeps it going
& the sun’s there of course & my triptych

windows are all mine anyway so ok
I’ve tried a few times but this / this

isn’t what anyone thought so I’ll keep
the shams / clean whatever I need