Terra Incognita /Jennifer Martin

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2014

 Jennifer Martin was born in the desert, but now lives in Kansas in a small town by a river and a famous prison. She likes trains, dilapidated buildings, abandoned spaces, and uncovering the surreality of the Mid-West. When she’s not watching House Hunters International, she loves analyzing her dreams with used dream-analysis books found at thrift stores. She writes short experimental fiction and poetry on her blog, A Warmer Place For Starving. Sometimes she writes for The Kindred Collective, a weekly-themed art blog.
You can follow her @stellarestrella.


Your astronomy is wrong
And that Dog has led us astray
This is no fairytale
Stomachs scream for crumbs
I don’t recognize you anymore
You look like an instrument of this wasteland
Do I also?
I am afraid to look at my arms, afraid they resemble the rotting limbs
Fallen from all the trees in this forest of sullen amputees
There is no way home
Everything is painted with ash
We can bend our bodies into doors and hope they lead the way