The A Poems | Carey Hunter Davis

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Carey Hunter Davis is honored to be published by dancing girl press.  Her mornings are spent browsing through an ancient encyclopedia, observing a tulip tree sway with change and writing about anything else. Feathers, semi colons,and laughing are a few of her passions. She lives in an old schoolhouse with gardens and honey bees and her dobro playing partner in a wonderful island community in the Salish Sea.



The mule deer asked for asylum in
my yard.
They hadn’t planned it that way
until my cravings called out for roses,
geraniums & sedums.
Cherry blossom trees to shade my
back that worked so god ever hard
to buy a house.
And the deer weren’t welcome.

If I give them safety
that will put me farther
away from what I have.
They’ re still wild, but they’re starving.
Their hunger pours out truths
as their teeth gnaw the young
beech tree I thought I loved.