The Bodyscape / Lisa M Cole

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2013

 Lisa M. Cole is the author of "Tinder// Heart" & "The Bodyscape" both from Dancing Girl Press, "Renegade//Heart" from Blood Pudding Press, and"Negotiating With Objects" (2013) from Sundress Publications.

Through The Splintered Door

Because her body is a locket, a coffin, a weight
she spends her days counting
spoons in the drawer; hairpins in the dresser;
books on the shelf.

All of her dreams have doors
that can’t be opened,
letters that can’t be burned,
wishbones that can’t be broken.

Yes—she will put an acorn on the window sill
to banish lightning, banish thieves.

She will leave a thick black line behind her
everywhere she walks.