The Case of the Missing Lover / Jennifer Faylor

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2013

 Jennifer Faylor is a poet who lives in New York City with her goldfish Edison and Marguerite. She has her MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. Her work has been published in such places as Bat City Review, Redivider and Elimae.

from The Case of the Missing Lover:

And X is not on the roof, isn't in the tub or under the bed. X isn't miniaturized and in your pocket, isn't making polite conversations with the radio ghosts, hasn't been eaten by the turnip birds, haven't been multiplied and shook out from a watering can to grow the grassy earth. X isn't waiting to yell Surprise! or at the gym or rushing home at that very moment, almost in the door, just around the corner, isn't on the front stoop smoking a cigarette.